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Wedding photography

Of course, you should have beautiful photos on your most beautiful day! Photos that show the intimacy and the feeling of that day. They can not be redone, the photos have to be perfect. The bride and groom experience the wedding, and everything that leads to it, as the most important period of their lives. Some moments, however, pass so fast, which is exactly why the wedding photographer plays such an important role during the wedding and the pre-wedding shoot. Some couples even hire a team of photographers, so in the end there will be amazing photos made from different perspectives.

In Asia, it is customary to have one or even several pre-wedding photo shoots. With the photographer, you will visit a number of beautiful locations. That's a big advantage of Malaysia: it's not hard to take photos at beautiful locations. Everyone will look so much nicer on photos taken in a sunny place such as Malaysia.

When choosing the right photographer, you can keep the following things in mind:

  • Check their website to see if the style of the wedding photos match your desires. Ask if you could view a previously made complete series of wedding photos.
  • Ask the photographer which style he or she is most comfortable to work with (e.g. black and white, classic, modern, casual or even eccentric).
  • Check if the photographer is available on the day of the wedding, and when he/she is available for the pre-wedding shoot.
  • As well, check if the photographer can bring an assistant.
  • Ask if the photographer has a spare camera, in case his camera happens to stop functioning on the day of the wedding.

When hiring a photographer in Malaysia, you will need to make clear agreements about the delivery time. After all, you will want to have your photos with you when you travel back to your own country after the honeymoon. You could also choose to take the photos on a DVD or USB stock only. Also, make it clear what kind of photos you'd like. In Malaysia, wedding photography is especially about romance, and especially the pre-wedding shoots are often very kitsch.

Once you've chosen the right photographer, make agreements together on the rate, which highlights absolutely need to be taken photos of and when the photos should be ready.

For a beach wedding in Malaysia, you also pay for the transport costs to arrive at the wedding location, and the cost of at least 1 night hotel (often even two nights, so that the photographer will be able to be present from early morning until late at night).

Of course, it's always nice to place a number of disposable cameras at the wedding venue and the party location of the wedding, so that everyone can take some photos. A trendy alternative is to purchase a couple of cheap lomo cameras; they will guarantee amazing photos.

Asia has a wide range of excellent wedding photographers you can hire at reasonable prices. Many photographers have their own studio in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Some even have a large wardrobe, making it possible for you to have your photo taken in beautiful outfits and costumes.

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