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Wedding make-up

Your make-up and hair are just as important as your wedding clothes. Many brides choose to apply their own make-up as they are used to doing so. The advantage of this is that you can retouch your make-up on your wedding day yourself. Make sure to use waterproof make-up, so it will last all day. Also, best is to not use too much make-up if you don't normally do that.

Prior to your wedding, you could attend a workshop to learn how to best present yourself. Sometimes Groupon has a nice offer; however you could also search on the Internet for make-up workshops.

Of course you could also leave it to a professional make-up artist or beauty specialist, but be sure to let them know exactly what you do and don't want and have a test session beforehand, for example prior to a pre-wedding photo shoot. When hiring a make-up artist, it is important to check if they can come to your home (for a test session) and can be present on the day of the wedding. Especially in Kuala Lumpur, there are many excellent make-up artists who offer bridal make-up sessions.

Try a few different hairstyles in advance. If you usually wear your hair down, maybe it'll fit nicer to your wedding dress to have your hair up. With a dress with a collar, it's best to wear your hair up. With a dress with a bare neck, it's nice to have some strands of hair going down along your neck and face. Choose to wear your hair up when wearing a veil. When you take the veil off later in the day, your hair will still look good. If you have short hair, wearing a hat or veil would look really nice. There are many possibilities, whether you have long or short hair. It's possible to find a beautiful creation for every hair length. There are many websites on the Internet with various nice ideas for your wedding hairdo; from playful modern to classic with inlaid pearls, flowers and other decorations.

Don't get your hair dyed to a totally different color right before your wedding, as it's not easy to undo. It's also best not to completely change your hairstyle right before the wedding. Sometimes, what's done is done. Malaysia has many exclusive hairdressers who are specialized in preparing hairstyles for the big day. You do need to keep in mind that most hairdressers are used to work with Asian hairstyles. Check in advance whether they have sufficient experience with your hairstyle.

More and more brides opt for gel nails or bridal nails. Your hands will be in the spotlight the entire day, for example when putting on the rings, signing the marriage contract, getting many congratulations. Don't use a too outstanding color for your nails. Many manicures in Malaysia can do this for you. If you will wear open shoes (after all, you're in the tropics), you could also consider a pedicure. You can request manicure and pedicure specialists to come to the wedding location prior to the wedding.

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