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Wedding flowers

Your bridal bouquet reflects the style of your dress and the entire wedding. There are several types of bridal bouquets, such as Biedermeijer, droplet shaped and waterfall. For practical reasons, instead of carrying a bridal bouquet, a hair piece with flowers is sometimes worn, a wrist corsage, a garland around the neck, or a flower crown.

If you feel a bright colored bridal bouquet (orange, purple, etc) would suit you, consider the fact the bright colors will look excellent with green leaves, and match well with a white or ivory dress. Your wedding photos will look amazing with bright colors. Also, it doesn't need to be just flowers. Using other elements in your bridal bouquet will also be beautiful. For example pearls, feathers, rhinestone butterflies, beads, too many to mention. These details will give your bouquet a glamorous look. The strap that is bound around the stems of your bouquet is available in all sorts of colors and available in satin, rhinestones, pearls and more.

For the ceremony, the bridal bouquet is held in the right hand, then in the left. If you wish to keep your bridal bouquet forever and don't like a dried bouquet, see if you can find a specialist who makes the bouquet by hand of tissue paper.

Woman wear the corsage on the left, with the stem angled up. Men carry the corsage on the left lapel, with the stem down. Corsages in different colors are useful for the female guests. They can then choose a color that matches the color of their outfit. Do not try to be trendy with your bridal bouquet alone. Give your guests a special corsage as well. There are so many possibilities and you usually only need 1 small flower. Try to vary with satin ribbons, crystals, rhinestones, feathers and so on. For those who want silk flowers instead of real flowers, there are plenty of creations possible, from butterflies to feathers. Trendy variations to the traditional corsage are buttons with a photo of the couple, or for example a memento of the wedding (such as a personally designed refrigerator magnet that can be used later).

In Malaysia, you may be limited to what's possible for a marriage. Be sure to get good advise beforehand regarding what is and isn't possible. In the case of the bridal bouquet or corsage, you could consider bringing some items to Malaysia, and have a florist make use of them there.

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