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Wedding dress

Bridal wear plays an important role on the day of the wedding. Start visiting bridal shows and bridal shops well in advance, and look for the latest news around bridal fashion on the Internet. You'll most likely already have an idea of what you'd like, but you should definitely try on some different dresses, too. Take someone along with you who can give you good advice, but don't take too many people with you, to avoid too many different opinions. Most weddings are done in traditional white wedding dresses. On average, a beautiful dress will cost at least €1000 (even a wedding suit will be around this much).

The experts at the bridal fashion shop can also give you good advice, for they have enough experience to be able to tell you which dress would suit you best. Your figure will also play a big role in finding the right wedding dress. When you've bought the dress, it will be adjusted to your figure, so it will fit perfectly on your wedding day.

Pay close attention to the accessories, such as shoes and jewelry, as they can make your dress look even better, but the wrong choice of jewelry may not do your dress any justice. Purchase lingerie that fits well, bridal lingerie is not only beautiful, but should also be comfortable to wear. The main thing is, it should accentuate your shape. And don't forget about the traditional garter. Look for shoes that match your wedding dress, but they should mostly be comfortable. Walk in your shoes before the big day, this could prevent aching feet. On the day of the wedding, bring an additional pair of comfortable shoes, so you can alternate them occasionally.

If you do not have the budget for a new wedding dress, visit one of the many second hand shops. Some dresses have only been worn for 1 day and still look like new. On the Internet you can also find many shops where you can purchase worn wedding dresses. If the dress does not fit too well, you could still visit a tailor to finish it off.

In Malaysia are - especially in the big cities - a lot of bridal shops. Here, you can have any kind of dress tailored. Although this may not always be very cheap, it will most certainly be cheaper than having this done in your own country. Always make sure to have your dress ready on time, and make proper agreements on this. Exclusive bridal shops generally tend to take weeks to deliver a dress. You can find many districts with bridal fashion in Bangsar and SS2. If you're going to have your wedding at the beach, you could also wear a beautiful summer dress.

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