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Wedding costs

What does a honeymoon cost anyway? A good starting point from which to choose your honeymoon is to look at the available budget. What does and doesn't fit into the overall wedding budget? Furthermore, you can arrange anything you'd like for your honeymoon, such as by going for exclusive tours, luxury resorts and expensive meals. In some ways, getting married in Malaysia is a lot cheaper. For example, renting a wedding location is not expensive, and neither is the price of the meal. These are the things that are much cheaper in Malaysia, compared to other countries. Also, often you will have less guests at a Malaysian wedding, after all, not everything will or can just fly to the other side of the world to attend your wedding.

Especially when you make use of the local services available, you will save the most money. A wedding planner in Malaysia for example, costs a lot less, and for a very affordable price you can rent an excellent band to perform during the party.

A large potential cost in the airfare, especially when you also pay for your guests or family. In many cases, however, family, friends and acquaintances pay for their own flight and accommodation. An idea for a proposal would be to at least pay for the night before, and the night of the wedding itself, for all guests. This way, you'll make sure there are no guests who might not attend your wedding due to the costs on the wedding location (a wedding location in Malaysia is usually a luxury resort).

The global average cost for a wedding are usually around €12.000 (excluding rings and honeymoon). A normal wedding dress usually costs around €1500, the groom's suit around €1000 and the administrative costs are often around €1200. A party, including band, is also usually around €5000, and renting a beautiful, luxurious car will cost around €500. Cakes are usually around €300, and a good photographer is around €1000. Additionally, there are the costs of small things, such as the barber, beautician, flowers and bridal bouquet, invitations and thank you cards.

You can considerably save costs if you choose to have a wedding at the beach in Malaysia. If you really want it to be cheap, you should purchase the dress and suit in Malaysia. There are plenty of bridal shops where you can have a dress or suit custom made. In Kuala Lumpur, there are many bridal shops in the Bangsar neighborhoods and SS2 (rows of shops where you can try dresses on). Keep in mind that your dress should of course be finished on time.

The marriage procedure in Malaysia is hardly expensive. In total, it'll cost about a couple of hundred ringgit (1 euro = 4 ringgit) to get everything in order. You can arrange a party and a band through your resort, which will cost at most €1500, but depending on the location and the type of band, it could of course become more expensive. You could also have it cheaper, by for example having the resort you stay at arrange a great, big BBQ on the beach.

You don't need a car in Malaysia, and you can get a beautiful cake with cupcakes for around €150. A professional photographer is also much cheaper there. Often times, you can even hire several photographers to ensure no moment is lost. Even small costs in Malaysia are usually much lower. The barber, beautician, flowers and bridal bouquet are all much cheaper there.

Another advantage is of course that you'll have the honeymoon in Malaysia as well; you're already staying at a dream location. The guests who came over naturally also have a great time.

When you arrange everything yourself, the costs could become lower, but don't skimp on it too much, as you only celebrate your marriage once. If you hire a wedding planner, the costs do not necessarily need to turn out higher. A local wedding planner is perfectly capable of making use of certain advantages. Additionally, it is obviously a huge advantage to have someone at your side that is familiar with the local customs (and rules).

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