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Wedding cake

A standard element of a wedding is the wedding cake. Striking, brightly colored cakes with real or edible flowers are most popular. The rich traditions surrounding the wedding cake are of Western origin. A wedding cake used to be meant as dessert and stood for good luck and fertility. Now, it can be cut at any moment during the wedding. The bride and groom cut the cake together, as a sign of solidarity. The first piece of the wedding cake is for the couple, who feed each other a bite of the cake. Traditionally, the smallest cake (the top tier) was not cut during the wedding, but frozen for a year and eaten on the first anniversary.

The first wedding cakes consisted of a number of cakes and biscuits stacked on top of each other, brought by family and friends. The couple then had to bend over the cake and kiss each other. If the cake didn't topple over, it meant the marriage would be alright. Later, cake stands were introduced to make everything sturdier and easier to be cut and distributed. Nowadays, more and more couples choose to have a champagne buffet or chocolate fountain along with the wedding cake.

If you have a restaurant or party center with a nice light show on the floor, you can discuss the possibilities of presenting the wedding cake there with the owner, with gangrene fireworks and of course a spectacular light show. You can have the wedding cake brought in with beautiful, fitting music and some fireworks on the cake; a wonderful highlight of the evening.

The prices of wedding cakes vary, due to their type and flavor; a cake with marzipan for example, is more expensive than when covered with chocolate. The structure and work involved in making the cake also plays a role in it. If the cake contains many marzipan roses, it will be a lot more expensive than when it is decorated using fresh flowers. The more extensive you want the cake to be, the more expensive it will become.

You could also opt to make your own wedding cake. Doing this will save you a lot of money, and it's not that hard. It's easy to find cake recipes on the Internet. Start making the cake 2 days before the wedding, and add the icing and decorations on the day of the wedding.

You can hire a cake stand for a wedding cake at several places. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly common for couples to make their own cupcakes, or have them made. If you find a wedding cake too expensive, or too plain, and you'd rather have something more trendy, you should definitely consider cupcakes. You could then have a smaller version of a wedding cake made, with cupcakes in the same style.

In Malaysia, you will find various cake makers who are capable of making beautifully tiered wedding cakes. Prices are often better than expected, for €150 you can get an impressive cake with three tiers. You can find most cake makers in Kuala Lumpur, but most other cities also contain stores where you can have your cake made for you.

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