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Wedding in Malaysia attracts relevant visitors for many wedding & travel related companies. Our visitors convert very well as they are usually interested in getting married in Malaysia, or in spending their honeymoon in Malaysia. Advertising on Wedding in Malaysia will bring your company more relevant visitors. This is the best place to promote your wedding or travel related services. Advertising on Wedding in Malaysia is easy; just contact us and let us know your ideas. We are surely able to come to a nice arrangement.

Just tell us the location(s) at you wish to place your advertisement. Your advertisement can be placed on a specific page, a random number of pages, or a selected number of pages. Ads can be placed at different locations within a specific page. We can also arrange custom ad campaigns. To ensure optimal user experience we will limit the amount of ads per page.

The type of ads that you can place at our website include:

  • Banners: We work with standard IAB sizes, but we can also determine the size together.
  • Links are integrated within the content of the page; your business is 'linked' to a specific word that is relevant to your business and that is already appearing on the page or we place a custom text link on one of our pages.
  • Advertorials: We can publish items within an existing page. We either use the sidebar 'Spotlight' location for that, or we integrate the advertorial at a certain location within a page. We can also write a brand new page to highlight your business. In some cases we need to 'try & review' as we can only write about things if we know what they are about.

Interested in advertising on Wedding in Malaysia? Contact us for more information. You can also email us directly.

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